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  • Boy, BYE

    Posted Dec 4 by icybones

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              I believe my...whatever you want to call it at this point with the guy I was seeing is over. I haven't gotten confirmation on his end as to whether or not it's done but in my eyes, Read More...

  • Drama With The Guy + Possible YT Channel

    Posted Dec 3 by icybones

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          Since I have more free time I can write more & I decided to write about a really warped mindset the guy I'm involved with had in relation to cheating. I still do talk to him & last night this came Read More...

  • Buying Skills of Stainless Steel Countertop Sink

    Posted Dec 3 by handmadesinknet


      As a professionla Stainless Steel Countertop Sink Manufacturer - handmadesink not only provid handmade sink, wel also offen share useful tips, skills, ways about handmade sink on our site news pages, the topic of Read More...

  • Using Mental Health To Manipulate People For Cash

    Posted Dec 1 by icybones

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    Oh boy, sometimes you cross paths with an individual on or offline & they end up rubbing you the wrong way. A lot of times this happens & people love to say "mind your business" or "why does what they do or say affect&nb Read More...

  • The Reply To Alexis

    Posted Oct 2 by icybones

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        Ahaha. I was looking in my photos on my phone & came across some screenshots of me literally telling Alexis (slut who cammed sucked the guy I was offline dating's dick) to back the hell off. Like, I am t- Read More...

  • Emo Chat (Discord)

    Posted Sep 21 by Sypher


    Join my discord to chat with people and listen to music https://discord.gg/hfymPF3

  • I'll Blow You A Kiss From The Top

    Posted Sep 19 by icybones

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    I keep going back in my head to a situation that occurred a few years ago because the irony of it with what just happened to me is so glaring. I did write about it once or twice but in case you missed what it was about, Read More...

  • Alexis, Fuck You Skank, Boyfriend? You're Done

    Posted Sep 17 by icybones

    3 Comments 2 Likes 72 Views

              The most fucked up thing happened...I cannot process it. I knew deep down it was something I had to be concerned about judging from my boyfriend's past actions, but it still c Read More...

  • Ramble ramble...

    Posted Sep 9 by XxMonster247xX

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    rambling, rambling I suppose heh... My heart hurts tonight, not from my lovely special lady but from the topic of us might now working out later on in life... It hurts to think of that as I am putting everything do Read More...

  • My LIFE

    Posted Sep 1 by Pansexual66

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    Hey. WOW it's been along time since i have been on here. SO not to long ago i was going to kill myself. i felt like i was all alone, that nobody even cares about me. I'm just rendered useless to this world. I'm NOTHING. Read More...