• Spurting lies and humans

    Posted Tue at 10:14 AM by XxCrowrazorxX

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    Telling lies, desperately struggling, kicking down other mortals. Stealing the stolen, while repeating your reasons over and over. And even so, you aim for the horizon over the hills. That is why I find mortals most inte Read More...

  • A kiss of death and sorrow

    Posted Tue at 10:09 AM by XxCrowrazorxX


    A kiss for you that is sorrowful, A goodbye for you that is loved. Death for the wicked and weak whilst the living strive to stay alive like barbaric animals. However for me that is different situation, I am the most wic Read More...

  • Rain

    Posted Tue at 10:04 AM by XxCrowrazorxX


    As the rain droplets fall down my pale features, I am reminded of times whence I could feel. When I felt alive, now I just feel like a empty shell of my former self, a shadow in the abyss. Now all I can do is allow the w Read More...

  • Darkness

    Posted Tue at 9:59 AM by XxCrowrazorxX


    I like the darkness there is something to the feeling of not knowing, your surroundings not being able to see. not seeing the colours nor there original form, but as they truly are there is something about the unknown, t Read More...

  • Strength and Weakness

    Posted Tue at 9:54 AM by XxCrowrazorxX


    Hatred and sorrow are power is a weapon to wield as you see fit, All you have to do is turn them into strength. And then use that strength to advance forward...

  • Wretched Demon

    Posted Tue at 9:51 AM by XxCrowrazorxX


    I am a vile creature though you know not my name, eyes crimson as blood pierce right through your soul stealing away your very innocence and purity. my hair black as a raven wavering in the pale moonlight, feathers dance Read More...

  • Back stabber and cheaters

    Posted Jan 12 by Laylabert

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    Okay two people on here need to be exposed and I'm going to give them a reality check. There are is a guy name Kevin and I believe her name is holly I guess they are both liars and cheaters. The guy cheated on a girl I k Read More...

  • Condolences

    Posted Jan 12 by icybones


      So your mother has passed away. My condolences to you on that. Take it with a grain of salt. You publicly posted your eulogy to her & of course, I read it. It was very touching. One might even believe that y Read More...

  • prrrrrrrrap

    Posted Jan 11 by nope

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  • When you see this you will know who you are

    Posted Jan 11 by DarkAngel666

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    Dear person . I'm hurt betrayed and angry. I trusted you with every ounce of my life. I trusted you when you told me you loved me when we Skyped when we texted when we talked. I can't trust anyone now because you took th Read More...