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  • Dear You PT Two (BF)

    Posted Tue at 7:30 PM by icybones


            Dear You pt 2     See, I told you I had a lot more to say on this subject. Here's an interesting thing that happened recently (today) you say you can't be around me too long b Read More...

  • Dear You PT One (BF)

    Posted Mon at 2:18 AM by icybones


              Dear you.   I'm not sure how this letter will progress...from angry, sad to nice maybe. I don't know. My emotions are all over the board right now; maybe it'll start backwar Read More...

  • My Near Suicide Attempt

    Posted Jun 9 by icybones

    12 Comments 50 Views

    WARNING: this particular entry is not for you if you're in a bad head space, struggling emotionally or suicidal. That is my trigger warning for you. I do not want any of you to read this & think my thoughts, feelings etc Read More...

  • Losing Diamonds, Chasing Glitter

    Posted Jun 1 by icybones


          How's the start of everyone's weekend going? I hope better than mine! As you already know, there's about to be a story here so let's skip shit & get it going.      Two/three year Read More...

  • Dear Boyfriend

    Posted May 29 by icybones

    1 Like 46 Views

      First, a huge thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! As a prior entry stated I did go up to New Hampshire with my boyfriend to celebrate with friends & family up there. I had a very nice birthday, Read More...

  • My Swtor Characters List

    Posted May 10 by Mish

    2 Comments 2 Likes 33 Views

    So this is my list of current Star Wars: the old republic characters that I have. Since the update I had to delete all of my for fun characters, so all of these are serious characters. Also, I'll be updating this because Read More...


    Posted Apr 5 by Mish

    4 Comments 54 Views

    I want to make this quick. There is this horrifying pet store in my hometown, and we need help to close it. All the animals have diseases like parvo, mites, live, etc. The owners will argue with customers, even on their Read More...

  • tumblr

    Posted Mar 30 by itzsavannahbruh


    https://decayingbrokenhearts.tumblr.com/ plz checkout my tumblr

  • youtube

    Posted Mar 27 by itzsavannahbruh


    so i went back to my old channel and was going through all my videos from 2016 i couldnt stop laughing i was so cringy like oml my make up looked like shit and the stuff i would do and say cracked me up wtf was wrong wit Read More...

  • Why I’m Leaving Kik for Good

    Posted Mar 22 by Mish

    8 Comments 1 Like 96 Views

    Hey, I’m going to write this out and explain everything. This is why I’m permanently leaving my kik. The entire time I’ve been on kik, I’ve gotten the most amount of sexual harassment I think I& Read More...