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  • Why I’m Leaving Kik for Good

    Posted Thu at 1:55 AM by Mish

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    Hey, I’m going to write this out and explain everything. This is why I’m permanently leaving my kik. The entire time I’ve been on kik, I’ve gotten the most amount of sexual harassment I think I& Read More...

  • what the fuck?

    Posted Tue at 3:13 PM by Renny


        so i can't upload  on the dashboard is this a glitch? 

  • Why?

    Posted Tue at 1:04 PM by Mish

    1 Comment 10 Views

    (Don’t answer any of the below questions. I’m just pondering some thoughts here). ~ Why do I deserve to be constantly ridiculed by guys way older than me? How did I end up with the demographic that I did? I Read More...

  • This “pro ana” bs NEEDS to stop

    Posted Mar 9 by Mish

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    Lately, I made a secret account on the website myproana for research purposes (for a book I’m currently outlining). I’m truly disappointed and disgusted about what I’ve seen on there: secret forums that Read More...

  • Fighting the tears

    Posted Mar 9 by XxCrowrazorxX


    Surrounded by people who laugh and are happy as I sit there I contemplate my lover and my friends, I look down as my hair falls over my pale features. All the pain and hatred bleeds through my t shirt as I bite my lips Read More...

  • My “Struggle “

    Posted Mar 7 by Mish

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    So I don’t normally talk about my personal life on here, mostly because it’s personal and I like to keep it secret. Lately I feel like recapping and talking about some stuff. Back when I lost some friends I Read More...

  • Sala Sambójców

    Posted Mar 3 by XxCrowrazorxX


    żyję cicho krwawiąc, krwawię po cichu

  • Hapiness

    Posted Feb 19 by XxCrowrazorxX

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    Happiness is a short lived emotion we as humans experience and tell ourselves even if if it is a lie. I say that I am fine even when there are knives in my back. Fooled by the trust and kind words, I am pushed to the gro Read More...

  • So, This Shit Happened...PT 2

    Posted Jan 29 by icybones

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            Yooo...I am still somewhat reeling from that awkward, fucked up encounter I had last night... Usually, I don't dwell too much on this type of shit, it's not worth my precious time or energ Read More...

  • So, This Shit Happened...

    Posted Jan 29 by icybones

    2 Comments 56 Views

            Sorry for the lapse in entries here! Busy. It happens. Anyways, this shit literally just happened to me last night. I thought it might be appreciated by some of you. I had the weirdest & m Read More...