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  • Knell For some reason I got bored and check my picture album and I saw a picture of a girl and the first thing I said wtf who is this and why she on my pictures album so I deleted the whole album
    Sep 18

  • DeadDaisies Honestly as much as i like college it can stress me the fuck out. Like i don't know what i want to do with the rest of my life, i can't even decide what i want to eat for breakfast most mornings. aughhhh
    November 16, 2017

  • xDXp oh how i hate being in school during my episodes and attacks (U)
    Sep 20

  • Fenrir11 yesterday evening i looked out the window when i heard a bunch of guys shouting from a car and saw said car swiftly pull up and out ran 3 dudes who then just like 3 hungry raptors jumped a guy on the sidewalk, beat him so fucking bad he had to drag himself away, then the 3 dudes ran to their car who was waiting and as fast as they came they was only reaction was "well there was a guy who owed the wrong ppl drug money" then i went back to my pc and continued watching american dad, living here for 14 years have damaged me fundamentally when it comes to empathy and sympathy haha, the cops arrived in 5 minutes after the attack
    Sep 17

  • lili I hate boys...
    Aug 26

  • BEPARTOFTHEPROBLEM well i just arrived in Seattle at my friends apt its 11pm at night and they want me ti play piano for them XD any requests??
    Aug 19

  • ESMIRIAH if anyone wants to keep in contact with me, since i’m not on here much, my kik is esmiriahh
    Sep 23

  • Dori To whoever keeps making accounts to vote my model account down: I’m officially stripping all of my alternative themed accounts. I shouldn’t have to deal with this, especially right after surgery. That was a low blow, I hope you’re happy with yourself.
    Jul 8