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  • ctsvbullet oo bad I got your beans in my bag, stuck-up sucker, Korny Motherfucker', takin' over foes is the Limp pimp, need a Bizkit to save This crew from Jon Davis. I'm gonna drop a little east side skill, ya best Step back 'cause I'm 'a kill, I'm 'a kill. So watcha thinking Mr. Raggedy man? Doin' all you can to look like Raggedy Ann.
    Aug 15

  • zombieturtle The worst part of me was always you. I can't believe all the things that I've let you put me through and all the times I let your shitty mood affect my outlook too. The best thing I've done for me was letting go of you. Actual Villains
    Dec 1

  • Darkness Haven't been on here in months. How is everyone?
    Nov 2

  • AlexIsDed I feel like someone just picked me up said "This bitch empty!" And threw me.
    Nov 13

  • Aestheticallytragic someone message me pls<3
    May 10

  • Knell I hates birthdays because I’m the only one who’s sad about it because I hate it.
    Dec 9

  • freakybes woahhhhhhh I haven't been here in a long time
    Sep 18

  • Renny ....When we think of legacy, we come to the ones that inspired us, that legacy turned into legend, and that legend will live on, thank you Stan Lee, for everything RIP 1922-2018
    Nov 12